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AIMMS announces partnership with Tokyo-based supply chain consultancy BigM

March 23, 2022

AIMMS today announced a strategic partnership with BigM, a supply chain and logistics consultancy based in Tokyo.

This collaboration fits in with the growth plans that AIMMS has for the Asia Pacific region, identified as a global supply chain hub. This partnership offers Japanese companies the opportunity to explore and take crucial decisions around strategic supply chain issues aided by local, Japanese speaking experts.

“Supply chain complexity combined with drastic fluctuations that companies are facing now are the two top reasons why decision-making using manual processes and spreadsheets do not work any longer. The Japanese industry urgently needs to leverage its capability to assess regularly their supply chain network. AIMMS’ sophisticated technology in the mathematical optimization area brings the needed innovation to Supply Chain Design,” said Minoru Muragi, CEO of BigM.

Sergi Asensi, Chief Commercial Strategy of AIMMS is delighted with the new partnership. ”Japanese corporations can now very quickly understand complex supply chain issues and take the best possible decision. Sourcing, producing and delivering goods and services reliably is at reach, whilst saving millions in unnecessary costs. With advanced what-if scenario analysis, companies can be ready to succesfully cope with whatever new unexpected crisis life presents them with.”

Bhomik Jain, VP Asia Pacific of AIMMS and also responsible for partnership relations, acknowledges the importance of a local partner for Japanese firms. “Local access to knowledge and support in a customer’s own language are important factors influencing the decision to use a strategic software solution.”,


About AIMMS 

AIMMS is a forward-thinking software provider of supply chain planning tools based on mathematical optimization. Our mission is to empower organizations to plan smarter and respond quickly when unexpected events happen. When complex and dynamic supply chains are disrupted, we enable decisions that generate optimal outcomes. With AIMMS it is easy to lower costs, meet service levels, reduce risk and meet sustainability goals.

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About BigM

BigM BigM helps Japanese industries to develop roadmaps, calculate cost-effectiveness, adopt technologies, and develop new solutions by utilizing digital technologies so that the sophisticated and precise supply chain and logistics fields that have been cultivated over the years can take a leap forward and become a source of flexibility and competitiveness in response to change.

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