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AIMMS Launches Community Edition, Enabling More People to Tap Into the Power of Optimization Modeling

AIMMS Community-Edition

The product offers a free entry point for anyone interested in building mathematical optimization models and applications using a feature-rich IDE 

Haarlem, the Netherlands, March 18, 2021 – AIMMS, the creators of the industry-leading prescriptive analytics platform, have announced the release of a product that gives data scientists and developers a free entry point into the world of optimization modeling. For more than 30 years, AIMMS has been used by operations research professionals at large, global companies to solve highly complex business problems. Today, the company is enabling more people to expand their analytics toolbox with AIMMS Community Edition 

Discover the power of optimization 

Using advanced mathematical optimization engines under the hood, AIMMS provides recommendations against a (combined) objective, such as minimal costoptimal service and optimal dispatchUsers can then analyze various options (scenarios) through an interactive user interface. AIMMS Community Edition gives people instant access to this technology, enabling data scientists to expand their know-how in this area, and giving experienced operations research practitioners the possibility to boost their modeling expertise.  

The Community Edition includes access to open-source solvers like CBC (for linear and mixed-integer problems), IPOPT (for nonlinear problems), and AOA solver (for mixed-integer nonlinear problems). It’s available for anyone to use for personal, non-commercial projects.  

Whether it’s crafting a plan to reduce your personal carbon footprint, creating a schedule for your kids’ school or simply to learn and experiment, AIMMS Community Edition is ideal for those who want to apply modeling to improve decision making. It’s also a great companion for recent graduates who previously used an AIMMS Academic License but want to continue playing with the software at no cost, or showcase their AIMMS skills to prospective employers 

Learning resources included 

The Community Edition comes with access to AIMMS Academy, a free e-learning platform that offers courses and certifications for all AIMMS users, from beginners to expert modelers. With the Academy, users can learn to build an optimization app from start to finish and make the best use of AIMMS’ rich feature set.  

Arthur d’Herbemont, User Support and Community Lead at AIMMS, said:  

“We see many curious data scientists and software developers who want to get access to the AIMMS toolset as a way to complement AI and machine learning initiatives, and learn about optimization modeling. At the same time, experienced optimization professionals like that we offer a rich IDE to develop mathematical models with integrated solve capabilities and UI building.Our software enables you to focus on the model itself; the part of the problem that you masterWith the Community Edition, we are investing in the growth of the AIMMS user community and fostering its empowerment. It supports our mission to bring the benefits of optimization to society.” 

Visit this page to get instant access to AIMMS Community Edition. Download our banner pack to spread the word.

About AIMMS 

AIMMS is a forward-thinking software provider democratizing the use of mathematical optimization so everyone is self-enabled to make better decisions. Our mission is to bring the benefits of prescriptive analytics and scenario modeling to society by making it easier and more enjoyable to uncover insights and evaluate scenarios leading to less waste, higher productivity, better results, happy customers and enduring organizations. 

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