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Evaluating Network Design Options for your Supply Chain Consulting Business? Here’s Why You Should Consider AIMMS


There are some large shifts happening in the network design space. On the one hand, consulting companies are currently overloaded with network design requests, understandable given the disruptions most organizations experienced last year. On the other hand, the market’s leading software vendor, Llamasoft, was recently acquired. We’re getting many questions from consultants who are evaluating their software options given these changes. If you’re in this situation, this article will help you assess if it makes sense to consider AIMMS Network Design 

What is AIMMS about?  

AIMMS is a prescriptive analytics software company that supports accelerated, confident decision making. We offer a suite of standardized supply chain apps, and a platform to build bespoke applications 

Our software is made for great usability, fast analysis and scenario modeling. Customers use our technology to explore the recommendations given by our optimization engine (honed over the past 30+ years) and make decisions informed by the power of math.   

Traditionally, consulting companies have preferred to build bespoke applications for clients using our robust platform for low code application development and deployment. However, in recent years, we’ve seen increased interest in AIMMS Network Design, our off-the-shelf application which provides an even quicker route to deliver network design studies 

What makes AIMMS an interesting option? 

Consultants are adding AIMMS Network Design to their toolset because: 

  1. They can get up and running within a week. 
  2. We have a cost-effective model that aligns with their business needs –  they don’t have to pay for functions they don’t use or get locked into long agreements. 
  3. We don’t compete with them for consulting services. Our focus is building great software.  
  4. We adjust to market needs fast, not just in functionality but also delivery models. R&D and innovation is done in-house.  
  5. Consultants also like the fact that they can prepare their data outside of the app using their own ETL best practices, and then manage that final data easily from the browser when running scenarios 
  6. We provide dedicated training and support, so they can scale up fast as needs come up. This makes them agile and enables them to react quickly to market needs too.  

What are the typical questions AIMMS Network Design addresses? 

AIMMS Network Design is a strategic network design and optimization tool. It is commonly used to answer questions like: 

  • How can our client improve service levels?  
    • Which customers should be serviced from which location? 
    •  What is the best trade-off of cost and service level constraints in the network? 
    •  How can multi-channel fulfilment be better supported? 
    •  Which is the optimal mode of transport mix? 
    •  Should 3PL parcels be used to reduce customer lead times? 
  • Where can our client save costs? 
    • What does the optimal supply chain design / footprint look like? 
    •  What product should be made (or bought) and where? 
    •  How many DCs / Xdocs are needed? Are there too many or too few? Where should they be? 
    •  What is the most cost-effective transport flow? 
    •  How can the supply chain network be rationalized after M&A? 
  • Can we minimize risks for our client? 
    • Where is extra supplier capacity needed, and how much of it? 
    •  Where is there extra warehouse capacity needed, and how much? 
    •  What is the impact of transport constraints? 
    •  Is the supply chain robust enough for different demand growth expectations? 
  • How can my client recover quickly from a disruption?  
    • What are the risk management alternatives in times of crisis (for example, if a supplier goes down)? 
    • How should we deal with trade fluctuations and disruptions like Brexit? 

If you’re curious about the underlying functionality and use cases, download our product data sheet. You can also view a short demo to see it in action.  

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How can I learn more? 

I hope the information above helps you assess if AIMMS is a good fit. if you’re interested in discussing how we can help your business, book a time with me.  

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