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Highlights from the European Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

AIMMS CMO Patrick van Gent at the European Supply Chain & Logistics Summit
AIMMS CMO Patrick van Gent at the European Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

The European Supply Chain and Logistics Summit has established itself as one of the largest conferences in the industry. This year, lots of leading companies shared best practices and learnings from their supply chain projects and innovations. The summit offered an impressive speaker lineup, featuring Nestle, Ikea, Samsung, AIMMS clients like Merck, BP, Nampak, BASF, and Philips and our partner Oliver Wight. It was a pleasure to meet several of our customers and share our insights on supply chain analytics at the event.


Our booth

The summit also offered ample opportunities to reflect on the challenges faced by supply chain and logistics professionals today. Three key topics stood out:

  • A need for increased supply chain visibility and control
  • Speed & Flexibility are crucial to respond to market volatility
  • Lots of untapped potential for optimization

Our workshop, hosted by our customer Nampak and implementation partner Districon, addressed some of these challenges and discussed a pragmatic and recognizable planning puzzle. The session was really well attended and addressed:

  • How the Nampak team developed a production scheduling & optimization app collaboratively within 5 months
  • Why spreadsheet planning prevents you from getting the most profit margin out of your business
  • The risks that exist in the planning component of the supply chain and how to minimize them
  • How to collectively plan together with your customers while optimizing different margins per clients
  • How supply chain analytics help you reduce complexity in your business and increase efficiency

Watch Napmak’s testimonial to learn more about their journey towards profit-based planning below.

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