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Linksbridge develops AIMMS-based Prescriptive Analytics App for Improved and Cost-effective Delivery of Life-Saving Immunization in Developing Countries

About Linksbridge

Linksbridge is a registered Seattle-based social purpose consulting firm that helps organizations and leaders gain insight and understanding from complex information. In addition to research and content development, the group creates useful tools for their clients to effectively communicate strategic plans and implement change. Accordingly, Linksbridge developed an optimization tool that helps leading donor agencies and international organizations to optimize investments in global health.


The firm’s clients were looking for a systematic, transparent, and standardized methodology to assist decision makers and their partners in efforts to ensure supply security and affordability of health commodities for large populations around the world. Previous evaluation and selection efforts of large multilateral procurement agents were performed in an ad hoc basis. In addition, these efforts were often not optimized for the lowest price or the greatest supply security for developing country markets.


Using the AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics platform, Linksbridge provided a decision-support tool to help donor agencies and their partners plan global health investments and procurement allocations. The tool provides a centralized place for the evaluation and optimization of numerous supplier volumes, product variability, and other characteristics. Large donor agencies acting on behalf of many lower income countries are now better equipped to secure and provide vaccine products at minimized costs and maximized preference. Ability to modify a variety of constraints during optimization also allows for better anticipation of market risk, prevention of supply shortages and ensured long-term availability of life-saving products.


Linksbrigde delivered an AIMMS-based App for end users within a few months. The App assists organizations in selecting the magnitude of engagement with each potential vendor for best possible outcomes, across different dimensions, while incorporating risk and historic commitments made to and from that vendor.

  • High adoption due to ease of use

  • Cost minimization

  • Increased transparency and insights

  • Easily accessible online interface

  • Simplification of a complex process to a standardized framework


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