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The next frontier: supply chain data architecture for your needs

Supply Chain Brief Best ArticleData overload and quality issues are common problems faced by all organizations. This makes it really difficult to start getting value out of data with analytics. Inevitably, when you buy supply chain optimization software, you need to start hunting around for data to make the technology work – it can feel like you work for the technology vendor, not the other way around. That’s why 60% of the time spent in analytical supply chain projects is spent collecting data. The focus is on making the data work for the technology, rather than tackling your business need.

But today’s SC leaders don’t have weeks or months to solve pressing problems and the worse thing is, it doesn’t necessarily get easier once you’ve been through your first solution implementation. You may have deployed an out of the box Network Design solution. Implementing an Inventory Optimization App will take another tedious data integration process. In a supply chain context, that means it will take months before you can actually start improving margins, availability and service levels. To work proactively with analytics and truly embed them in your organization, data needs to be structured smarter and accessed for many needs.

supply chain data quality is a top challenge
53% of organizations surveyed in a recent Supply Chain Insights report cite data quality as a top challenge

Data architecture to fit a multitude of your needs

What if instead of trying to fit your data to the technology, the technology’s architecture would be designed around satisfying your broad supply chain needs? Imagine building a comprehensive and robust supply chain data set with the help of a wizard that tells you exactly which data you need to answer the questions you have.

That same database can also be used to feed Apps for a multitude of other areas, making it easier to deploy additional solutions, test new things, and embed a new strategy in your business very quickly.

Sounds like the holy grail, doesn’t it? It’s now within reach. Learn more about Data Navigator, an integrated cloud database that brings structure to complexity and enables you to share data across multiple functional areas in AIMMS SC Navigator Applications

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