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Top 5 posts from our Supply Chain Blog in 2016

bestof2016As we step into 2017, we took some time to reflect on the most popular posts on our Supply Chain blog last year. Trending topics included S&OP, Prescriptive Analytics, Supply Chain Optimization, Supply Chain Centers of Excellence and Supply Chain Analytics. What are you interested in learning about this year? Let us know in the comments and check out the curated list of our most well-read blog posts in 2016:  

1. Optimizing Liberty Global’s Supply Chain: An Interview with Willem Vesters – find out how Liberty Global, the world’s largest international TV and broadband company, achieved up to 70% planning accuracy with a new planning capability for their network materials supply chain.

2. 5 Dysfunctions of Typical S&OP Systems and How to Overcome Them – S&OP can be a challenge to implement, especially if you lack the right tools. Read this post to understand the limitations of typical S&OP systems and get the keys to overcome them.

3. Through the Hype Cycle: Exploring the Many Applications of AIMMS Technology in Supply Chain Planning – AIMMS offers robust Prescriptive Analytics and Modeling software that you can apply in virtually every area of your supply chain. We summarize the many capabilities you can build with AIMMS using Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Planning.

4. Need Robust and Flexible Supply Chain Analytics? Build your own Apps – There’s an app for almost everything, managing your supply chain effectively should be no exception. Learn about the benefits of fit-for-purpose analytics Apps.

5. Keith B. Carter on The Path to Actionable Intelligence – Author and business Intelligence Expert Keith B. Carter shared some insights with us about the common hurdles companies face when embracing an analytics culture.

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