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Unveiling SC Navigator 4.0 – What’s new in the latest release?

AIMMS SC Navigator

With the latest release of SC Navigator 4.0, AIMMS has developed a comprehensive, off-the-shelf solution that consolidates multiple applications, simplifies workflows, and enhances productivity.

Our latest release, launching on June 1st, 2023, is set to enhance the way businesses approach strategic network design and tactical decision-making, allowing companies to select the features that are most important to them. This new modular approach means businesses can add on key features as they grow, speeding up user onboarding all while saving time and money.

Advanced Network Design, new Tactical Planning use cases, and Sustainability & Risk

1. Advanced Network Design

Bill of Materials (BOM): Converting raw materials into finished goods. This allows for end-to-end modeling.

Additional transport costing methods: Define additional transport costs such as rate cards, step-wise transport costing and take or pay.

Multiple units of measure: Specify and convert data in different units of measure, for example, box/pallet/FTL/crate.

Geo locations: Converting address data into latitude and longitude to visualize locations on a map. Allowing to calculate the trip distance and duration, enabling distance-based costing and lead time constraints for different transport modes.

Max profit: Taking revenue and costs into account when optimizing.

Strategic multi-period functionality and reporting: Enables multi-year modeling and define the journey between the as-is and to-be situation

Custom objectives: Define your own objectives to optimize. For example, end-to-end throughput time or custom costs buckets.

Customer fulfillment: The ability to make decisions or enforce which customers to serve due to contractual agreements or other prioritize instead of max profit

Multi objectives: Balance between (conflicting) KPIs, such as max profit, max revenue, costs, and service level.

Working capital: Calculate the safety, cycle stock, and working capital to answer the question ‘how much inventory do I need’.

2. Tactical Planning:

Stock Build: Automatically build stock when required, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing disruptions.

Max Profit/Revenue Solve: Strike the perfect balance between cost and revenue, enabling smarter decision-making for profitability.

Customer Fulfillment Decisions: Simulate various scenarios to determine customer priority and service level optimization.

Repeatable Scenario Management: Easily manage and compare multiple scenarios, enhancing the decision-making process.

Improved Multi-Period Reporting: Gain valuable insights through comprehensive reports across multiple planning periods.

3. Sustainability & Risk:

Carbon emission objective: Enables to optimize on carbon emissions objectives and finding a sweet spot against profit, costs, and service levels.

Custom objectives: Define your objectives to optimize and put constraints on, for example, energy, water, responsible business, climate risk, and recycled materials.

Know why SC Navigator is your ultimate solution for high-stakes supply chain decisions!

Ready to explore SC Navigator 4.0 for your business?

SC Navigator 4.0 is the result of close collaboration with AIMMS’ Customers and Partners, incorporating their feedback and insights to shape a comprehensive solution that meets the changing needs of the retail, food & beverage, electronics, and petrochemical industries.

Interested to learn how SC Navigator 4.0 can help your business grow? Schedule a custom live demo with one of our supply chain professionals today.

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