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Training & onboarding

We offer regularly scheduled remote workshops, led by our AIMMS experts. Our Standard workshop gives you the basics, while the Advanced workshop takes your skills to the next level.

See the Workshops Schedule for more details, and to see when the next ones are being offered.

This training enables your team to create optimization applications with confidence. Trainees will learn the ins and outs of AIMMS-based optimization and discuss practical use cases with our team of experienced practitioners. It is designed to last 4 days and covers the following modules:

AIMMS history and optimization overview
Algebraic modeling
AIMMS language
Data exchange
User interface


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This 1-day training program equips your team to use the AIMMS WebUI effectively. It covers the following modules:

Introduction and video
Basic widget creation
Pages, multiple pages and page navigation
Deploying projects on AIMMS PRO
Advanced widgets
Case management
Define App behavior via widgets
Building an Upon change behavior
Introduction to App UI tailoring


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There are three versions of PRO onboarding, distinguished by role.

PRO onboarding for Developers

This 1-day training helps developers understand and use AIMMS PRO as a deployment platform for their AIMMS apps. It covers:

Publishing and permissions
AIMMS storage


PRO onboarding for IT Professionals

This is a hands-on training which will help your IT team perform the actual AIMMS PRO installation on a test and production server. It’s designed to help IT professionals feel comfortable with AIMMS PRO deployment for use in their organization. The training lasts 1.5 days and covers the following modules:

Getting started
AIMMS publishing
AIMMS PRO configuration
End user onboarding AIMMS PRO


PRO onboarding for End Users

This is a 2-hour training to introduce end users to AIMMS PRO. We cover how to start and run an App as well as job statistics, support options and WebUI features. Summary of modules covered:



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This is a hands-on training for IT professionals to learn the ins-and-outs of the AIMMS Cloud Platform. After completing this 1-day training, your IT team should have a comprehensive and practical understanding of the AIMMS Cloud. We cover:

AIMMS publishing
AIMMS PRO configuration
End user onboarding AIMMS PRO


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If you are attending any conferences in the near future, please inquire about convenient pre-conference or post-conference workshops that may be available.

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To register for a workshop, please fill out our Workshop Registration Form (PDF) and email it as an attachment to

Support contracts

General services

You can contact our support team of AIMMS Specialists for help using our products. Our team are skilled Operations Research and IT professionals with extensive experience in applying OR and AIMMS (see also Consulting Services).
We offer free support for installation and licensing, reporting software issues, and discussing new feature requests (maintained licenses only).

Solver selection

In AIMMS, mathematical program formulation is solver-independent, so you can test and select the best solver for your problem. If you need help in this solver selection process, please contact us.

For more extended professional help, such as on using specific AIMMS functionality, modeling or performance questions, you can purchase one of our AIMMS support contracts. With such a contract, you are entitled to contact our support team for any kind of AIMMS development or related modeling question.

The following two types of AIMMS support contracts are available:

Support contract 20 hours 100 hours
Price in USD (Americas & Asia Pacific) $3 000 $13 500
Price in EUR (EMEA) €2 500 €11 250

See the pricing terms & conditions.

Consulting services

Work with us to audit your model for accuracy, robustness, or performance. Our Model Audit typically consists of:

  • Identification – we identify problematic areas for improvement, determine the expected time needed for analysis, and the scope of work.
  • Analysis and Report – we report items that can be improved, and advise how to proceed.
  • Implementation –  you decide how to implement suggested improvements: yourself, with us, or with an AIMMS consultant.

Note: Model Audits are based on AIMMS versions released in the last 3 months (see the AIMMS release history). For projects using older AIMMS versions, then upgrading must be part of the Model Audit.


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Our team of AIMMS/Optimization Specialists offers consulting services to help you excel in your use of AIMMS.

We can help you, for example:

  • create an initial app design
  • reduce solve times
  • discover and apply new AIMMS features
  • explore WebUI customization options
  • plan data management

You can count on our 30+ years of expertise to help you create the best optimization solutions for your organization.

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Kickstart a new AIMMS project with our optimization specialists by your side. Decide which business problem to tackle, and our experts will help you develop an MVP of your solution in record time.

This “Hackathon” style workshop typically takes 2 days to complete.

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