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In our hands-on workshops, you will learn and practice AIMMS skills in a group setting. Sessions are led by one or more of our AIMMS experts, who provide instruction and guidance on exercises.


Workshops are hosted remotely on a semi-regular basis, depending on demand.

Workshops offered

We have created a workshop format to help you to make immediate use of the advanced productivity tools and features of AIMMS.
You will learn how to:

  • Build your first AIMMS application
  • Start using the WebUI
  • Deploy your model (on AIMMS PRO, AIMMS Cloud Platform)
  • Import data into your model
  • Solve your model

Additionally, we’ll cover how to:

  • Set up a connection with your database
  • Debug your models
  • Set up some commonly used procedures

The Standard Workshop is included (free) with an AIMMS Developer license.

We have created the Advanced 2-day workshop to to help you to make even better use of the advanced productivity tools and features of AIMMS.


Day 1 Day 2
Solving and manipulating mathematical programming instances Infeasibility analysis
Database + Filtering Units of Measurement
Error Handling Execution Efficiency
Unit Test Library for Test Driven Development Open session




Remote Workshops scheduled in 2020
  Standard Advanced


There are currently no workshop sessions scheduled. Check our Online Community for announcements and updates, or contact us to request a session.


To register for a scheduled workshop, please send an email to, including your AIMMS license number, company name, and which workshop you are interested in.

Contact us at to request a new session to be created, to schedule an exclusive 2-day workshop at your company’s office, or to discuss a customized workshop.