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We believe that math and technology should help solve humanity’s most pressing challenges and that we have an unparalleled opportunity and responsibility to help others around the globe.

About Math4Good

Math4Good wants to put the power of mathematical modeling in the hands of more people to collectively make better decisions that contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Our world is experiencing tremendous ecological and social challenges. Math-based applications are ideal to improve decision making in conditions where there are limited resources, a high degree of uncertainty and many variables and constraints.

Our community of operations research professionals, academics and supply chain/logistics experts is here to help those on the front lines of solving the world’s toughest problems. Read more about our goals and future plans.

Our mission: Accelerating solutions to the world’s sustainability challenges using the power of math

Our approach

Share helpful apps

​​that drive impact and progress and lead organizations to better outcomes

Provide high quality, intuitive applications

based on proven approaches and technologies

Support usage

 with materials that help new users get started quickly

Mobilize and connect

like-minded individuals to drive progressive, exponential breakthroughs

Apps that help you do what you do best – helping people and the planet

Vaccine Planning App

A constantly changing vaccine supply, with shifting policies about priority classes (age, occupation, health condition) and an unbalanced geographical spread of these classes, make vaccination planning a big challenge. This app helps health and government organizations balance the supply and demand of vaccines, make decisions about center locations, hours and staffing and identify the best ways to achieve their health objectives. The application helps you more easily look at a variety of variables with the power of sophisticated analytics. This enables you to better understand tradeoffs and allocate vaccines to the locations where they are needed most. Read the license agreement

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How this app helps you

Decision support

Where to locate vaccination centers? How long to keep them open? When to close down which centers?

Automated planning

After a change in supply, policy or capacity, the plan gets automatically updated (few seconds).


Detailed insights on local peaks during certain weeks and by location

Scenario modeling

Ability to run what if scenarios

Strategic insight, smarter response

Determine long-term locations for vaccination centers, demand for covid testing locations, distribution of booster vaccines, and more

Quick implementation

Easy Excel upload allows for instant implementation of the system