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AIMMS, listed as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner® Market Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Tools. Download the guide!

Free up cash for your business with AIMMS Inventory Planning. Get a better view of your exposure and inventory health to minimize stock outs and reduce carrying costs.

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Inventory Planning

Quick and easy to set up and use, AIMMS Inventory Planning provides a visualization of inventory health and uncovers where your exposed areas exist. Unlike using spreadsheets, the application allows you to easily change parameters and create new scenarios which can be easily compared. You can assess the impact of decisions before you put them into practice by modeling service level, overall stock level or safety stock changes. The app makes it easy to discover opportunities to reduce inventory and potential service vulnerabilities. You can even asses the value of in-transit inventory you have moving around in your network.

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Move away from a one-size-fits all approach. Calculate scientific inventory targets that account for variability at SKU level.

Powerful analytics

Easily change parameters to create new scenarios. Compare multiple scenarios simultaneously.


Quickly visualize inventory health and identify where the trouble spots are

Stress-free and quick to implement

Quick and easy to set up and use. Stress-free to run. Unlike spreadsheets, there is no risk of formula errors. 

The perfect companion for AIMMS Network Design and IBP

AIMMS Inventory Planning is an ideal companion for AIMMS Network Design. It allows you to visualize the inventory impact of your network design decisions, and understand the consequences of different service level choices. When used in combination with AIMMS IBPthe application provides the target inventory levels for use in the supply review phase.  

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Spare Parts Inventory Planning & MRO Capabilities

Use all the features in the app with calculations designed specifically for spare parts. Account for parameters such as mean time between failure, repair time, scrap rate and more. When combined with Network Design, you can understand where you should hold spare parts and in what quantity to deliver target service levels.  

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