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Leverage scenario modeling to test hypotheses, understand trade-offs and proactively optimize your network

Network Design

Our Network Design application is fueled by powerful mathematical optimization in the back end, and intuitive scenario analysis capabilities in the front, empowering you to create flexible designs and expose hidden risks in your network. With it, you can model your base case network, and bill of materials, evaluate changes in the business environment and adapt quickly, quantify optimization opportunities and back up investment decisions with data.  

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Implementing Supply Chain Network Design

Move from reactive to proactive decisions

Proven ROI

Identify inefficiencies and opportunities: average 2-5% logistics cost reduction. Calculate your potential benefits.

Powerful scenario modeling

Evaluate and compare different scenarios. Find answers and identify improvement areas. Get examples

Optimize your way

Insource, outsource or as a service. We offer different options to help you optimize your network in an ongoing way.

network-bill of materials

Bill of Materials Modeling

Get the insights you need to decide where to manufacture or source components and raw materials for finished goods. AIMMS Network Design enables you to model the conversion of raw materials and intermediates into final products at production facilities, as part of the overall network. Your model will then optimize how all products flow through your network from raw material supply to customer demand.

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Center of Gravity

Part of our Network Design Solution, the Center of Gravity application enables you to conduct a center of gravity analysis to identify candidate locations for new distribution centers. Visualize your current demand and supply distribution, and then evaluate how the number of DCs in your network impact service levels and cost to meet demand. Quantify the minimum number of DCs you need to meet your target service levels.

Secondary Costing

In addition to Center of Gravity, our Secondary Costing capability allows you to generate cost curves for multi-drop delivery. A user-friendly analytics dashboard enables you to create cost functions for each distribution center, based on drop size and stem distance.

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Buyer's Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Software

Use it in Combination with AIMMS Inventory Planning

Quick and easy to set up and use, AIMMS Inventory Planning provides a visualization of inventory health and uncovers where your exposed areas exist. Use it with AIMMS Network Design to visualize the inventory impact of your network design decisions, and understand the consequences of different service level choices. 

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Calculate your potential cost savings

See how you can lower logistics costs by using AIMMS Network Design.

“We chose AIMMS because its app wraps a state-of-the-art solver engine in an easy-to-use data interface with strong scenario modeling and results visualization tools. This enables us to quickly evaluate various scenarios that drive supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction. The system allowed us to be up and running very quickly.” – Read an interview

Chris Furlong, VP of Transformation

“AIMMS provides outstanding value. It allows us to quickly answer very specific questions affecting our business. The benefits from optimizing our business based on those answers provides a great ROI for FMC-NA.”

Bill Hargrave, Vice President IT, Global Manufacturing and Quality, NA Operations

Close-up picture of a hand holding a phone

“A lot of network design decisions have cost implications. We can use AIMMS to get answers we can trust and believe in. These answers add weight to those conversations.” – Read an interview

David Mackenzie, Transformation & Inventory Director