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Remove the headaches of demand forecasting and continuously calibrate your models with machine learning

Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting lets you automate labor-intensive work, and easily detect and treat outliers in historical data. Using sophisticated machine learning the app finds the best statistical model and automatically chooses the correct amount of history to generate the most accurate statistical forecast. The machine learning algorithm then continually fine tunes the forecast model through each forecasting cycle. As a demand planning professional, you remain in control and can change the statistical model with a simple click. It’s the ultimate combination of human and machine intelligence for an optimal forecast.

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Did you know 41% of companies are looking into machine learning to improve forecast accuracy?

Automate manual, time-consuming tasks and focus on what matters


Automatic model selection based on historic demand 

Easy to update

Faster data cleanup and outlier identification 

Embedded Machine Learning

Continuously finetune your models with machine learning

The perfect companion for IBP

Our Demand Forecasting application is the perfect solution to provide a robust baseline forecast to use as input to the demand review process in IBP (or S&OP), providing the demand planning team with a solid base on which to develop their demand scenarios.

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