A Long History of Supporting Universities Around the World

Our software is demonstrated and leveraged at some of the most prestigious universities in the world. We have always closely collaborated with students, professors and teachers interested in advanced analytics, modeling, mathematics and optimization. We are committed to providing our technology to these academic institutions and the data scientists, operations research and analytics specialists of the future. We have thousands of students who are using AIMMS around the world.

Here is small sample of the academic institutions working with AIMMS

Using AIMMS in the Classroom

AIMMS is an excellent tool for operations research and modeling courses. Students can use AIMMS without the need to master a programming language: the understanding of the basic concepts like sets, parameters, variables and constraints is all they need to be able to build models. The integrated visualization of results facilitates learning and interactive model development. Students generally find AIMMS easy and fun to work with.

AIMMS comes with solvers for linear programming, mixed integer programming, nonlinear programming and mixed integer nonlinear programming. If you are a student, faculty, or staff member at a recognized degree-granting institution, you may be eligible for a full-featured AIMMS academic license at no charge. The Free AIMMS Academic License is a free unrestricted license that can be used by students, teachers, professors, researchers at universities or higher educational establishments. It provides the ability to use all features of AIMMS and solve mathematical programming problems of various types (LP, NLP, MIP, MINLP, etc.) using world class solvers such as CPLEX, CBC, IPOPT.

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In some cases, some academic organizations might need a network setup or additional solvers. Learn about our Paid Academic License.

"I developed a new course called Operations Research Implementations in collaboration with my colleague
Michael Trick. We use AIMMS as the main tool to do the implementation of the model, use solvers in the background and visualize the results. Without AIMMS, I would not have done this. We only have six to seven weeks to
teach the students more abstract modeling features like reasoning over index sets, constraint generation, column generation, and more. We solve very large-scale models for actual projects." 

- Willem-Jan van Hoeve, Associate Professor of Operations Research

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"I attended an AIMMS workshop at the INFORMS conference in Houston. It was my first time using it and I was impressed by the capabilities of the software. It is very user friendly, which is great for the beginners. I like  post-processing applications, which allow users to visualize the decision variables. More than that, it is easy to change problem parameters and constraints with a simple click. Overall, it is a great solver and decision making tool. As a PhD candidate and future academic, I believe it is a great asset to anybody."

Sercan Demir, PhD Candidate/Teaching Assistant
Department of Industrial Engineering 



Using AIMMS for Research

Our software is an excellent choice for research projects in mathematical programming. AIMMS is a complete and flexible tool, it links to high performance solvers, and offers functionality to write customized advanced algorithms. AIMMS is available in a non-commercial, fully functional Academic License Package.

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Free Software

AIMMS actively supports students interested in analytics, modeling and optimization through a number of popular programs. If you are studying at a recognized college or university, you can download a free, unrestricted copy of AIMMS. You are welcome to use it for course and project work.

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Modeling Competitions

Through modeling competitions, we encourage people with a passion for Operations Research and Optimization to deal with challenges and/or real world problems.

MOPTA 2016

AIMMS on Lisa


The Lisa system is a cluster computer consisting of several hundreds of multi-core nodes running on Linux. The system is installed and maintained by SURFsara, a Netherlands-based research institute that provides services in the fields of High Performance Computing (HPC), Networking, Data Services, Visualization, e-Science Support and Cloud Services. SURFsara works together with the Dutch academic community (including researchers, educational institutions and academic medical centers), as well as SMEs.

For more details on AIMMS on Lisa visit: https://surfsara.nl/systems/lisa/software/aimms.

Lisa for Research Capacity Computing Services

The Lisa system is used for the SURFsara service Research Capacity Computing Services (RCCS). RCCS is a SURFsara compute service for researchers coping with many large computational tasks. RCCS covers computing tasks which are typically characterized by a large amount of independent, moderately parallel, computing tasks. The tasks itself can be run in parallel on the computing system. RCCS is typically for those compute tasks which in practice cannot be run on either departmental or university computing systems, due to their size.

Lisa for Research