Licensing Terms and Conditions

Licensing Terms and Conditions

AIMMS Licenses

  • All licenses are provided under the AIMMS Software License Agreement which includes the Service Level Statement (SLS).
  • All licenses are protected by the electronic AIMMS Licensing mechanism (so called software nodelocks).
  • Upon your order, we will initially provide temporary AIMMS subscription licenses. After receiving payment, the temporary licenses will be replaced by your full term subscription licenses.
  • All subscription licenses include all product updates during the full term of the subscription.


  • All list prices are in $ (US Dollars) for the Americas and Asia Pacific, and in € for other countries (EMEA).
  • All list prices do not include applicable taxes (local or international).
  • All list prices are subject to change without notice.
  • The standard payment term is net 30 days. 


  • AIMMS follows the policies and regulations of the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)



AIMMS License

If you would like to purchase an AIMMS subscription license, please contact us for more details or a quote.

AIMMS Free Academic License Program

For the academic users, a special Free AIMMS Academic License is available.