AIMMS Further Expands Supply Chain Design App with Secondary Transport Costing and Center of Gravity Capabilities

The newly launched capabilities will be showcased at CSCMP Edge 2018

Seattle, Washington, September 24, 2018 – AIMMS, an award-winning Supply Chain Analytics software vendor, has announced the release of a comprehensive Network Design toolset for supply chain professionals. The company’s Network Design Navigator now supports robust Secondary Multi-Drop Transport Costing and Center of Gravity analysis. 

Unparalleled usability and optimization capability for supply chain teams in a hurry

AIMMS Network Design Navigator provides a fresh approach to supply chain design. It combines powerful prescriptive analytics capability with breakthrough usability. The App can be configured quickly following a survey-like wizard. Users can model their base case network, evaluate scenarios and assess how changes in the supply chain network impact costs. Embedded optimization capabilities allow users to identify and quantify network optimization opportunities and take confident resource allocation decisions, even when conditions change.

A screenshot of AIMMS Network Design Navigator

The Network Design capability includes a Center of Gravity App and a Secondary Transport Costing application.

The Center of Gravity App enables users to get started by conducting a center of gravity analysis to identify candidate locations for new distribution centers. Planners can also visualize their current demand and supply distribution, and then evaluate how the number of DCs in their network impact service levels and cost to meet demand.

The Secondary Costing App allows users to generate cost functions for secondary deliveries in a multi drop environment. A user-friendly analytics dashboard enables users to create cost functions for each distribution center, based on drop size and stem distance, and assign customers to different clusters.

Transparency and innovation 

Network Design Navigator is part of the all-inclusive AIMMS SC Navigator, a suite of supply chain Apps created specifically for the needs of supply chain teams that need the most powerful supply chain analytics but do not have the appetite to invest in a data analytics team or train users on a multitude of point solutions. 

AIMMS customers are granted access to the model logic for all their Apps, so they can always understand what’s behind the answers. This unrivaled transparency has made SC Navigator the analytics technology of choice for companies that want to self-enable their team.  

AIMMS is strongly committed to helping companies leapfrog their competition with supply chain analytics, as well as begin the journey to end-to-end supply chain optimization. The software is designed by supply chain professionals for supply chain professionals and is brought to life with the best application developers in the industry. While SC Navigator Apps include powerful prescriptive analytics, they are intuitive and don’t require a technical or data science background to use. AIMMS SC Navigator also includes an S&OP Application, an App for Product Lifecycle Optimization, and an integrated cloud database which allows users to share data across multiple Apps.  

“The addition of these Network Design Applications to our growing SC Navigator Suite backs up our promise to enable a happy path for supply chain professionals to move straight to the front of the analytics race within weeks – watch this space, there’s much more to come,” says AIMMS VP SC Navigator Chris Gordon.  

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