Announcing The Winners of This Year's AIMMS MOPTA Modeling Competition

August 19, 2016 - Last night, during the banquet of the MOPTA conference in Bethlehem, PA, the winner of the 8th AIMMS MOPTA Modeling Competition was announced. The judges awarded the first prize to team "Team 4101" from the University of Los Andes, Colombia (pictured below).

In the morning of August 18, the three finalist teams presented their work in a plenary session at the MOPTA conference. The first team to present their work was team "Team 4101" consisting of Felipe Solano, Santiago Cabrera, and Diego Cely. They were advised by Professor Andrés Medaglia. The team showed how their bilevel approach was able to solve the two parts of the problem. Their solution method also included the formulation of auxiliary problems to obtain dual bounds.

The second team to present was team "IIT Madras" from the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras Chennai, India. This team consisted of Varghese Kurian, Srinesh Chandrakesa, and Venkata Reddy. They were advised by Sridharkumar Narasimhan. This team developed a greedy sequential one-arc elimination technique based on extracting the marginal value of an arc from dual variables, with some randomization added to favor non-greedy exploration of candidate solutions.

The last team to present was team "ORTEC" consisting of interns from the company ORTEC. The team consisted of Tim Bijl (Twente University of Technology, The Netherlands), Lianne van Sweeden (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands), and Sander Vlot (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands) and was advised by Jawad Elomari from ORTEC. This team identified the problem as a tri-level optimization problem and solved it using a nested sequence of the three different models.

For this year's competition, 15 teams from 9 countries registered to participate. In the first round, the judges (consisting of Boris Defourny and Frank Curtis from Lehigh University and Peter Nieuwesteeg from AIMMS) selected three finalist teams who were invited to present at the conference this week. Out of those three finalists, the judges picked the winner based on the quality of the report, the AIMMS model and their presentation at the conference. This material will be made available shortly.


A snapshot of the prize, the conference banquet and the finalists with AIMMS' Peter Nieuwesteeg.