Introducing The AIMMS Cloud Platform: A Fast and Secure Way to Distribute Prescriptive Analytics Apps to Users

Haarlem, the Netherlands, March 23, 2017 – AIMMS, an award-winning vendor of Prescriptive Analytics software, has announced the launch of its Cloud Platform today. AIMMS enables companies like Shell, Johnson & Johnson, GE and Heineken to empower employees with Smart Apps for decision support and operational improvements. With the AIMMS Cloud, companies will be able to deploy these Apps in a secure, fast and fully managed hosting environment. The launch was announced during the Annual AIMMS Summit, an exclusive event that brings the AIMMS community together to share insights, best practices and experiences.

Gaining Speed to Value with The AIMMS Cloud

Prescriptive Analytics is a type of advanced analytics that predicts what is likely to happen and provides a recommended action to drive the best possible results, using optimization modeling. AIMMS has been a trusted provider of Prescriptive Analytics software for over 25 years. With the move towards Cloud, AIMMS customers are able to deploy the same, powerful intelligence with a few clicks. No additional hardware or dependence on IT required. Users can have a portal set up in a matter of hours and start distributing Apps quickly and easily. This brings great gains for customers in speed to value, as they can easily make changes to Apps and test new prototypes without worrying about IT infrastructure.  

The AIMMS Cloud Platform is instantly scalable to match demand and runs on Amazon Web Services, the largest cloud computing service provider. It employs a full range of best-practices in IT security, such as strong encryption, multi-level isolation and automated vulnerability monitoring. Users with the right access rights can safely leverage enterprise data from any location and device to optimize processes for business improvement. The Platform has been in use by three launching customers for the past few months and is now available on a subscription basis. 


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AIMMS CEO Gijs Dullaert said: "With the AIMMS Cloud Platform, we're taking the next big step to help our customers self-enable their teams with state of the art analytics. Our promise has always been delivering a technology that adds agility and confidence to your business decisions. With the AIMMS Cloud, business leaders can now take the brakes off innovation and quickly distribute Apps that create high business impact." 

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About AIMMS 

The AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform helps you evaluate and identify the best options to tackle your most pressing challenges with sophisticated analytics that leverage mathematical modeling and scenarios while pulling from multiple data sources. You can immediately gauge, not just what is likely to happen, but what you should do about it for the best possible outcome. 

Whether you seek to improve your strategy, planning, operations or transform your entire supply chain, AIMMS software is the ideal combination of being tailored to your unique situation paired with speed to value (ROI). That's why teams at Shell, Johnson & Johnson, GE, Heineken and many more fire up AIMMS every day. 

With billions of dollars saved driven by more informed decision-making the value is undeniable. The pace of business requires less talk, more action and empowered, confident employees with the right intelligence at their fingertips. If you want high business impact at unprecedented speed, you need AIMMS. 

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