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AIMMS is a Gartner-recognized Cool Vendor 

We have been featured in dozens of Gartner reports across the years.  

Why Cool? "AIMMS enables breaking down barriers to rapid response and innovation by providing a platform to develop, test, deploy and iterate new optimization apps with unprecedented speed, covering all areas of the supply chain, such as network optimization and end-to-end deployment optimization. It can be used to break new ground in optimizing new types of operations, or optimizing existing operations in an innovative manner, enabling the concept of "continuous optimization." 

A selection of Gartner reports we've been featured in:  

Market Guide for Supply Chain Analytics Technology, 2018

Market Guide for Supply Chain Analytics Technology, 2019

Mentioned as Representative Vendor for the AIMMS SC Navigator Platform. 

Analyst insight "The market for supply chain analytics technology is evolving. Solutions include all or a subset of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive, machine learning and natural language capabilities."

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Forecast Snapshot: Prescriptive Analytics, Worldwide

Forecast Snapshot: Prescriptive Analytics Software, Worldwide, 2019

Mentioned among "top stand-alone prescriptive analytics vendors"

Analyst insight "The prescriptive analytics software market will reach $1.88 billion by 2022, with a 20.6% CAGR from 2017. Technology product managers for analytics software and service providers must prioritize development of augmented analytics and decision-making capabilities in their product roadmaps."

Gartner Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Strategy

Mentioned as sample vendor for Prescriptive Analytics, and Network Design.  

Analyst insight "In volatile business environments, companies using an analytics driven approach to designing their supply chain can better assess trade-offs between conflicting priorities and align networks to business model changes. Network design has grown in maturity with advanced companies adopting use cases across strategic and tactical time periods."

IT Market Clock for Supply Chain Analytics Technology

Mentioned as a sample vendor for Advanced Analytics

Analyst insight "Neither predictive nor prescriptive analytics are new, but interest in these techniques has increased recently for myriad factors. Supply chain organizations strive to become more proactive and actionable in managing their supply chains to take advantage of potential upsides, and to proactively mitigate potential disruptions."

Hype Cycle for Midsize Enterprises, 2018

Hype Cycle for Midsize Enterprises, 2018

Mentioned as a sample vendor for Prescriptive Analytics

Analyst insight "Although prescriptive analytics has been traditionally relegated to strategic and tactical time horizons, more advanced capabilities can support real-time or near-real-time decision making. This can support automation of some operational decisions."

2017 Strategic Roadmap for Chemical Product Supply Orchestration

2017 Strategic Roadmap for Chemical Product Supply Orchestration

Mentioned as a provider of "production planning and detailed scheduling solutions" along with our partner Ab Ovo.

Analyst insight "Network constraints make it difficult for supply chain organizations to develop feasible operating plans that balance with financial performance metrics. This emphasizes functional efficiency and business strategies calling for increased supply agility."

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Market Guide for Supply Chain Cost-to-Serve Analytics Technology

Market Guide for Supply Chain Cost-to-Serve Analytics Technology, 2017

Mentioned as a Supply Chain Modeling Vendor.

Analyst insight "Supply chain leaders recognize that the current allocation of supply chain costs to customers and products is not well-tied to the actual drivers. A lack of visibility to true profitability leads to less pro table products and services. As a result, many supply chain strategists, in partnership with finance, are creating analytical models to more accurately reflect these relationships. The desire to make more informed supply chain and product decisions has also led to the formation and growth of the cost-to-serve (CTS) solution market."

Hype Cycle for Oil & Gas

Hype Cycle for Oil and Gas Technologies, 2017

Mentioned as a vendor for Prescriptive Analytics.

Analyst insight "Digital innovation has become a strategic priority for the industry in 2017. CIOs are responding, but are challenged by an overwhelming array of opportunities. This Hype Cycle can help CIOs create optimal plans by clarifying the business impact, maturity and risks of emerging digital technologies."

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