Inventory Optimization 2.0: How next-gen tools like Modeling and Optimization help companies get to the next level

Webinar date: Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Featuring Bob Woodburn, SVP of Supply Chain, Papyrus

The challenging part of Inventory Management is the hedging for uncertainty - uncertainty of demand, of supply, of production, and to a lesser extent, of transportation. Doing trade-offs and calculations in a setting of uncertainty is inherently complex. Still, when done well, the benefits of freeing up cash and increasing agility are tremendous.

Join Bob Woodburn, SVP of Supply Chain at Papyrus as he covers the following:

· The many facets of Inventory Optimization
· How to tackle complexity
· How to create impactful but end user friendly tools
· Bob's personal experience bringing a Modelling and Optimization platform into his organization