Retail Survival Tactics: Staying Ahead of the Game with Supply Chain Analytics

Multiple sessions offered

Join our webinar to discover how leading retailers are gaining a competitive advantage with supply chain analytics

Today's retail landscape is governed by increasing consumer choice, omni-channel shopping and fulfillment flexibility. Strong supply chain analytics capabilities are crucial to meet shifting consumer habits and market disruptions head on. Retailers need to think ahead and implement innovative analytics strategies to remain competitive. Interested in gaining new insights and inspiration to set your company on the path for growth?

Topics discussed include:

  • Key trends and challenges shaping the retail industry
  • What leading retailers are doing to stay ahead
  • Why you need supply chain analytics to gain a competitive edge

The next session of this webinar will take place on:

  • Thursday, April 14 at 10 am CET/ 4pm Singapore time

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Marcel Mourits - VP Supply Chain Strategy at AMMS Marcel has worked in Supply Chain & Logistics for 2 decades, filling both business and consulting roles. He has a PhD in Supply Chain Network Design from Delft University of Technology. Connect with Marcel on LinkedIn.

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