AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform

The preferred optimization and modeling platform of market leaders

Powerful and Intuitive Modeling and Optimization software 

The AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform is the technology of choice for operations research and analytics professionals for building and delivering solutions that improve business performance. Our software leverages the power of mathematical optimization and modeling to provide companies with a competitive edge and quantifiable results. We have been a trusted analytics technology for nearly three decades with usage by thousands around the world.

You can create custom solutions to tackle your specific strategic or operational problems across a broad range of functional areas. The comprehensive platform has everything you need. The development tool (AIMMS Developer) enables you to quickly build custom applications, while the deployment tool (AIMMS PRO) enables you to instantly provide solutions to the end users in need of better decision power. The platform can be deployed in the cloud or on premise.

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See how Air Liquide uses the AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform to optimize production and distribution, which helps them drive a competitive edge in a dynamic environment.

Our customers have built custom solutions to reduce costs, avoid unnecessary expenses and improve decision making across their organizations.


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Why Choose the AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform?

Here are some of the most common reasons developers and analytics professionals love our software.


Drag and drop functionality and visualization options speeds up model creation. Interactive dashboards in a web browser empower your entire organization with analytics and decision support for better results.


Tackle your unique operational, tactical and strategic needs across your entire organization. The robust and versatile software works with a full range of solvers to help you address virtually any type of problem.

Easy to Update

Make changes centrally, distribute updates instantly across your organization.  Put the days of spreadsheet version control behind you.


Parallelization and the ability to leverage multiple servers increase capacity and performance to help you solve the toughest problems at lightning speed.


Our proprietary language makes it easy to build solutions without having to worry about programming. This easy-to-learn language, in combination with the rich IDE and built-in diagnostic tools, enables you to develop solutions in a fraction of the time compared to other tools. 

All In One

Analytics, modeling, and optimization with productivity and diagnostic tools and the ability to deploy your solution to business users across your organization. It’s all included.

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