AIMMS Cloud Platform

Prescriptive Analytics deployed on-demand

The Fastest Way to Share Prescriptive Analytics Apps With Your Team

The speed at which business is evolving is accelerating and the stakes are high. An agile team needs to be able to sense and respond with cutting edge analytics so you can be better positioned to adapt to changing marketing conditions and customer needs. The AIMMS Cloud Platform helps you and your team ramp up quickly so everyone can make better decisions, answer questions and identify new opportunities as quickly as they come up.


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Go from idea to execution to continuously improve

Publish Apps and test new ideas instantly. Share discoveries and operational insights with your team. All easily accessible from any device with a browser. Now you can self-enable your organization and arm everyone with the powerful analytics they need at the click of a button. It's the ultimate combination of speed to value without worrying about IT.


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Why Choose AIMMS Cloud Platform?

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Fast-track Innovation and Agility

Enable your team to answer questions and identify new opportunities as quickly as they come up. Spark new insights and ideas. The elastic capacity allows you to continuously improve and go from idea to rolling-out new Apps – fast and with ease.

  • Test new ideas and models quickly
  • Continuously improve your Apps
  • Easily scales when you need it

Skip the Setup Time and Hardware Cost

Deploy powerful operational intelligence with a few clicks. Go live the same day. Scale and add capacity as needed. No additional hardware or IT resources required.​ You are in the driver's seat.

  • No need to worry or depend on others for set up
  • No hardware or other capital expenditures needed
  • Seamlessly add users and capacity as needed

Secure and Always Up to Date 

Trust your data is secure and protected powered by the world’s largest cloud provider, Amazon Web Services. Your platform is monitored and upgraded automatically by experts. Leave the tech to us while you focus on business impact.

  • Always have the latest features
  • Ongoing monitoring by experts
  • Best-practices in IT security

View our solutions and see how we meet the unique needs of your business