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Demand Forecasting Navigator

Automate manual, time-consuming tasks and focus on what matters 


What volume does my business need to fulfill in the next planning cycle? What's the best projection of expected demand to use for S&OP? Research shows that nearly 40% of demand planners are still using spreadsheets to answer these questions, but many of them are not satisfied. Spreadsheets are too labor-intensive and provide a limited audit trail.

Looking at thousands of products on Excel is simply too strenuous, even for monthly cycles. Demand Forecasting Navigator is more powerful, efficient and easy to use, you can get up and running in less than a day! It does the heavy lifting on the data cleansing, so you can focus on important trends and outliers.

The App uses machine learning algorithms to fine-tune your forecasts on a continuous basis. As a demand planning professional, you remain in control and can change the statistical model with a simple click.

Now you can:  

  • Automate labor-intensive work, and easily detect and treat outliers in historical data 
  • Define a multi-tier forecasting hierarchy to enable demand forecasting at different levels of aggregation 
  • Seamlessly identify trends and adjust for seasonality 
  • Use a machine learning algorithm to continually fine tune and refine the choice of model and its parameters 

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The perfect companion for AIMMS S&OP Navigator

Demand Forecasting Navigator provides the input for Stage 1 of S&OP and goes hand-in-hand with AIMMS S&OP NavigatorUse them together to easily create different demand scenarios, understand the impact on the supply plan, and fuel collaboration across functions.  


Benefits of Demand Forecasting Navigator

Automatic model selection based on historic demand 

Easy data clean up and outlier identification

Create demand projections much faster to boost planning agility