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Network Design Navigator

Addressing the needs of today's supply chain professional


Supply chain networks are becoming increasingly complex. They serve multiple SKUs spanning hundreds, if not thousands of locations. Managing risk in such a network is challenging to say the least. At the same time, too many companies are making big compromises with off-the-shelf technologies or limited spreadsheets. In a supply chain context, this means not maximizing margins, availability and service levels. What you need is a technology that has a powerful analytics engine, but is nimble enough to adapt when it needs to.

Network Design Navigator is a supply chain network design application built to help you meet your strategic needs. It's more intuitive to use than traditional technologies, combining powerful modeling capability with breakthrough usability that supports you every step of the way.

Now you can:

  • Model your base case network
  • Evaluate scenarios quickly and easily
  • Conduct a center of gravity analysis using the Center of Gravity App
  • Evaluate changes in the business environment and adapt quickly
  • Make contingency plans when things go wrong
  • Calculate cost curves for multi-drop delivery using the Secondary Transport Costing App
  • Get access to the model logic, so you can understand what's behind the answers
  • Add value quickly with intuitive experience - no coding or technical experience required
  • Self-enable your team to answer questions as they come up

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Configurable and Easy to Use

Our easy to use App Wizard guides you through a set of questions that capture your unique operational constraints, goals, costs, and risks. Network Design Navigator is seamlessly integrated with Data Navigator, helping you structure the data you need to create an efficient network design that is efficient, is aligned with customer expectations, minimizes risks and is future-proof. Start getting more of your questions answered, quickly.  


Benefits of Network Design Navigator

Companies that use AIMMS for Supply Chain Network Design and Supply Chain Optimization have experienced cost savings by 10-25%. 

Gain a better understanding of your supply chain network

Discover new opportunities for improvement, shed light on scenarios you haven't considered before

Move faster and gain a competitive advantage with an optimized network