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AIMMS helps supply chain teams make informed decisions quickly and with confidence, using scenario modeling and optimization.

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2-5% logistics cost savings

Set up in 1-2 days

99% renewal rate

As a supply chain director, you want to make confident decisions to lower costs, enhance service levels and mitigate risks. We empower network analysts with a friendly tool that helps them find reliable answers fast, with clarity about implications and trade-offs.

1. It’s easy to learn and use

Our software is meant to empower, not intimidate you. It’s made for supply chain professionals by supply chain professionals, with an intuitive workflow and UI that helps your key stakeholders answer critical questions.

2. It allows you to see changes in real-time

Today’s supply chain networks need to be agile and resilient. With AIMMS, you can perform many simulations and assess scenarios simultaneously to choose the right course of action when the unexpected occurs.


3. Deployment is seamless

AIMMS is cloud-based, making deployment and updates seamless. The application can be ready to use in a matter of days. There are no barriers to scale within your business.

4. It’s powered by math

AIMMS has 30+ years of heritage in mathematical optimization. This knowledge of data scientists and operations research specialists is baked into the app, helping you use advanced mathematics without being dependent on specialists.


5. Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is extremely competitive, especially for the ROI our technology usually delivers. We offer a value for money pricing model that aligns with your business needs.

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How AIMMS Network Design Compares

More robust and time-efficient

Weeks of wrestling with spreadsheets or a few clicks with AIMMS

Excel is:

  • Not set up to handle today’s complex problems.
  • Hard to collaborate on.
  • Very manual and time-consuming for planners to use.
  • Rarely integrated with other systems.
  • Limited in the amount of data it can handle.

With AIMMS you get:

  • A robust digital twin of your supply chain.
  • Built-in optimization, modeling, scenarios and visualization.
  • Integration, collaboration, easy deployment, training and support.
  • More time to spend running scenarios, rather than building and maintaining the spreadsheet.

More fit for purpose

State-of-the-art network design to complement your ERP

ERP systems are:

  • Based on a single plan; they are not meant for running scenarios.
  • Not easy to use to answer complex questions.

With AIMMS you get:

  • Core network design functionality with built-in scenario modeling, optimization and continuous innovation.
  • Fast results and unparalleled ROI.

More cost-effective and intuitive

Get faster time to value and white glove onboarding

Other software in the market:

  • Often requires deep, technical skills and is harder to learn.
  • Has a longer time to value; you have to wait longer to get to an outcome.
  • Hard to scale.

With AIMMS you get:

  • A partner invested in your journey, with supportive onboarding. Your team can also follow courses in our free, online Academy.
  • Fast ROI.
  • Bundled seats to scale users with ease, and a supply chain planning platform that’s expanding in capabilites.

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