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AIMMS, listed as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner® Market Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Tools. Download the guide!

Spend time tackling projects and problems, not bugs and errors

AIMMS  is a rapid model building and deployment platform perfected over 30 years by mathematicians, modeling experts and data scientists working in conjunction with computer scientists, software engineers, cloud experts and UI/UX professionals. We provide an enjoyable and robust way to build models with less tedious debugging and dealing with errors so you can spend your  time on solving challenging problems.

The AIMMS Developer environment possesses a unique combination of advanced features and design tools, such as the graphical model explorer, which allow you to build applications in a fraction of the time required by conventional programming tools.

The power of AIMMS

Hands on experience for students with quick ramp up time

Our software is intuitive and ideal for projects and course work. Students can use AIMMS without the need to master a programming language: the understanding of the basic concepts. like sets, parameters, variables and constraints is all they need to be able to build models. 

AIMMS comes with free solvers for linear, mixed integer, nonlinear and mixed integer nonlinear programming. If you are at a recognized university you can get an AIMMS academic license at no charge.

The computational power you need for complex research projects 

AIMMS is a complete and flexible tool with a full Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which makes it easier to inspect and debug programs + computational power to help solve large-scale models. It links to high performance solvers and offers functionality to write customized advanced algorithms. 

High Performance Computing for Complex Problem Solving

AIMMS is available on the Lisa Cluster Computer. Lisa consists of several hundreds of multi-core nodes running on Linux. Dutch academic institutions can use AIMMS on this cluster free of charge.

Users have access to all solvers associated with our Academic License program for processing many instances of a model on the cluster. The system can be used for multiple applications, including research, scenario analysis and decomposed problem solving. The Lisa Cluster is meant for people who are in need of large computing capacities, but do not need the facilities of a real supercomputer. The system offers a large number of multi-core nodes, many connected with a fast InfiniBand Network enabling efficient parallel programs. The system is installed and maintained by SURFsara, a Netherlands-based research institute.

More details about AIMMS on LISA

What students, professors and researchers love


Free access to unrestricted world-class solvers such as CPLEX, CBC, IPOPT with no extra installation required. Solve various problems (LP, NLP, MIP, MINLP, etc.) and do comparative analysis to see which solver works best for your models


The AIMMS Online Community is easily accessible for troubleshooting and collaboration with other AIMMS users around the world

Ease of use

It’s easy to build solutions without having to worry about programming. Rich IDE and built-in diagnostic tools like the Mathematical Program Inspector, help you develop solutions and “debug” a mathematical program quickly and efficiently.  


Free Academic License

AIMMS actively supports students interested in analytics, modeling and optimization through a number of popular programs. If you are studying at a recognized college or university, you can download a free, unrestricted copy of AIMMS. You are welcome to use it for course and project work.

AIMMS Scores a 4.8 on Google Reviews

AIMMS reviews
“A perfect software for modeling and optimization with a wide variety of problem-solving tools.”

AIMMS reviews
“I’m a PhD student and AIMMS products have been very helpful in conducting applied research.”

AIMMS reviews
“The best network modeling software available, with very good training.”

Thousands of students use AIMMS

Our software is used in over 60 countries. Students at hundreds of universities use AIMMS. We are committed to providing our technology to academic institutions and the data scientists, operations research and analytics specialists of the future.

Interact with users on our Community

Model transparency and freedom

AIMMS provides tools to bring clarity on the model itself through a model tree, a screen layout presented in a matrix view, showing the constraints and variables, and some statistics.  You have freedom to structure your symbolic models, and debugging your math program is fast and easy.

GMP library

A generated math program (GMP) can be used to quickly update coefficients and resolve a mathematical program. The functions for modifying a GMP are collected in the GMP library. This library can also be used to store multiple solutions, solve multiple mathematical program instances in parallel, and to create advanced algorithms like the Outer Approximation algorithm or the Benders’ Decomposition algorithm.

Join us at AIMMS Campus!

Enrich your CV. Get trained by leading professors. Network and have fun.

“I developed a new course called Operations Research Implementations in collaboration with my colleague Michael Trick. We use AIMMS as the main tool to do the implementation of the model, use solvers in the background and visualize the results. Without AIMMS, I would not have done this. We only have six to seven weeks to teach the students more abstract modeling features like reasoning over index sets, constraint generation, column generation, and more. We solve very large-scale models for actual projects.”


Willem-Jan van Hoeve, Associate Professor of Operations Research, Carnegie Mellon University

“I attended an AIMMS workshop at the INFORMS conference in Houston. It was my first time using it and I was impressed by the capabilities of the software. It is very user friendly, which is great for the beginners. I like  post-processing applications, which allow users to visualize the decision variables. More than that, it is easy to change problem parameters and constraints with a simple click. Overall, it is a great solver and decision making tool. As a PhD candidate and future academic, I believe it is a great asset to anybody.”


Sercan Demir, PhD Candidate/Teaching Assistant Department of Industrial Engineering


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