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Sustaining revenue growth often requires making the supply chain more efficient. But how can you make sure that an improvement in one place isn’t shifting a problem to another?


supply chain decision making webinar AIMMS

During this webinar we’ll discuss:

  • How to identify the strategic trade-offs in your supply chain?
  • What are the key KPIs for SC Network Design?
  • Why are they often in conflict with one another?
  • How to consider sustainability trade-offs in network design?
  • How can you use technology to help reconcile these conflicts?

Supply chain optimization requires trade-offs. With AIMMS Supply Chain Network Design, customers empower their supply chain teams to optimize their supply chain and explore potential scenarios and strategies enabling trade-off decision-making like costs, risks, service levels, and CO2 emissions.

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Conflicting supply chain KPIs

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As a supply chain leader, how do you manage your stakeholders when facing conflicting KPIs?

Reducing costs, improving service levels, cutting emissions, and minimizing risks – companies would ideally like to do all these things, but they struggle to make the right trade-offs. During a recent webinar with SCM (Supply Chain Media), AIMMS discussed how a supply chain mathematical model can help managers make the right decisions when faced with conflicting supply chain KPIs.

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