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supply chain network design

Supply Chain Scenario Modeling - The How and the Why of the What-If

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supply chain network design

Learn how to prepare for various potential disruptions and make informed decisions to safeguard your supply chain operations with scenario modeling.

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Supply Chain Optimization takes many forms – and finding the “one best way” among them is far from easy. That’s where scenario modeling reaches its true potential – and it’s what this guide explores.

Learn about the full potential of scenario modeling and how it can transform your supply chain.

What you’ll learn?

  • Using scenario modeling to balance cost, risk, carbon emissions, and service level
  • Stakeholder understanding through visualization
  • The importance of a Supply Chain Digital Twin
  • AIMMS SC Navigator real-world use cases
  • Location Risk Analysis to assess your supply chain assets
  • Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist your planners

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Supply Chain Scenario Modeling guide
Supply Chain Scenario Modeling guide
network design

About AIMMS SC Navigator

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SC Navigator is a comprehensive, off-the-shelf solution that consolidates multiple applications, simplifies workflows, and enhances productivity. It is an application that has advanced network design functionality, tactical planning, and modules that can be added as businesses evolve.

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