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Knauf Uses AIMMS for Supply Chain Design and Planning


Haarlem, North Holland, 26 March 2024 – AIMMS is excited to announce the onboarding of Knauf as a new customer.  This collaboration marks a significant milestone in both companies’ commitment to innovation and sustainability.

As part of this partnership, AIMMS will provide cutting-edge analytics solutions to empower Knauf in optimizing its supply chain design and planning processes. The focus will be on enhancing cost efficiency, improving service levels, and aligning with the client’s ambitious net-zero aspirations.

Using AIMMS’ state-of-the-art analytics platform, over the next couple of years, Knauf intends to build an in-house capability to continually develop ‘next level’ insights, enabling their Supply Chain Executives and Board members to make informed decisions that drive customer and operational excellence.

The partnership is poised to deliver tangible benefits for Knauf as they navigate the complexities of today’s global supply chain landscape.

Commenting on the partnership, Louis Gourdin, Director for Strategy & Performance at Knauf Global Supply Chain said, ”On one hand, we’re observing shifts in customers’ behaviors, marked by demands for shorter lead times, smaller order quantities yet more diverse, and increasingly intricate deliveries to job sites. Meanwhile, on the upstream side, we anticipate significant challenges in our raw material supply chain over the next year. This includes adapting to more sustainable sources and expanding our circular economy capabilities.

As our organization evolves to meet these demands, it’s crucial for our physical network to adapt accordingly. Therefore, with the assistance of AIMMS, we aim to enhance our visibility and model our end-to-end supply chain.  By leveraging AIMMS, we can make informed, data-driven decisions to navigate these dynamic challenges effectively.

Arthur Torsij, VP Global Sales at AIMMS added, “We are excited to support Knauf in its supply chain analytics and decarbonization efforts. AIMMS technology will empower Knauf to pinpoint opportunities for reducing CO2 emissions while managing service levels and costs. In today’s world, international companies face a complicated network of suppliers, manufacturing facilities, DCs, and customer bases. Relying solely on traditional methods like spreadsheets and intuition is no longer viable. Applying mathematical optimization technology is essential to solve these complex puzzles.”

This strategic partnership signifies a synergy of expertise, innovation, and shared values, setting the stage for a dynamic transformation in the global supply chain landscape of Knauf.

About Knauf

The Knauf Group is an internationally active family-owned company headquartered in Iphofen, Franconia, Germany. The building materials manufacturer operates more than 300 production sites and sales organizations in over 90 countries on all continents and is a leading global producer of construction materials and systems based on gypsum, energy-efficient insulation and insulating materials, and system solutions in the ceiling sector. Founded in 1932, the Knauf Group achieved sales of EUR 15.4 billion in 2022 and employed more than 41,000 people.


AIMMS is a leading vendor of Supply Chain Scenario Planning and Optimization software. AIMMS empowers teams to optimize their supply chain and explore potential scenarios and strategies enabling trade-off decision-making like costs, risks, service levels, and CO2 emissions. AIMMS offers a platform to build bespoke supply chain optimization applications and a ready-to-use application, SC Navigator with strategic network design and tactical planning modules. AIMMS has a global presence with offices in the Netherlands, the USA, and Singapore.

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