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Medical Equipment Manufacturer Builds Resilience to Face COVID-19 Disruption

Making Confident Network Design Decisions

A leading manufacturer of medical equipment was looking to review its supply chain network design.


This company wanted to optimize the footprint of its DCs and cross-docks, identify improvement areas for product flow, boost service levels and lower costs. They were trying to achieve this with spreadsheets, but had outgrown the optimization possibilities of Excel. They needed easy to use technology to model and evaluate different network design scenarios.


They chose AIMMS Network Design for its usability and speed to results.


The market leader was able to quickly make use of existing data to map their supply chain network and start evaluating its efficiency. They identified millions in savings that could be achieved by optimizing their DCs and cross-docs, and discovered opportunities to reduce last-mile transportation costs. Running side-by-side scenarios helped them understand the impact of different supply chain configurations, and communicate these findings to senior leadership. This put them in a resilient position to face the COVID-19 pandemic. It helped the team deal with demand fluctuations, and respond quickly and appropriately in a volatile environment.

Supply Chain Brief