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AIMMS Development

AIMMS Development is a toolkit for rapid optimization modeling and app development. It enables data science, operations research and analytics professionals to develop optimization applications for end-users, in order to drive optimal business decisions and outcomes.

  • Go from idea to a prototype
    in a matter of hours
  • Without programming code
  • Intuitive modeling
  • Integrated visualization
  • One-step deployment to end-users
  • Complements AI / ML
  • Actionable scenario insights
  • Decisions the organization can trust
  • Significant cost savings
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Improved customer service levels
  • Organizations that have outgrown spreadsheets
  • Organizations looking for more scalable options for optimization compared to Python
  • Organizations that prefer a low-code, ModelOps approach


Low-code Model Builder

Model any business and research problem that needs solving in an intuitive way that is readable for non-mathematicians. Use common libraries or share custom libraries to standardize and exchange code between models.

UI Builder

Create modern web-based user interfaces while you develop your model using a rich set of interactive charts and UX components to provide a friendly experience for decision maker. No coding required.

Algorithmic Capabilities

A rich set of world class mathematical solvers combined with a strong algorithmic framework help you optimize your decision problems and evaluate the best scenarios under all conditions.

Data Management

The AIMMS Data Exchange library is your one-stop resource for consuming and providing REST APIs, and mapping data formats in your model.

Advanced Diagnostics

Save time and effort fixing errors. A set of diagnostic tools, such as a debugger, a profiler, and a one-of-a-kind math program inspector, are right at your disposal.


From inside AIMMS Development, you can package your application and deploy it in one-step for use by decision makers. Apps can be deployed with an interactive UI or as a service to be called through an external API.

The ideal platform to take a ModelOps approach

Deliver your optimization apps into the hands of decision makers