AIMMS SC Navigator Platform

Get more breakthroughs from more people with self-service supply chain analytics software

A Happy Path to Mastering Supply Chain Analytics and Digital Transformation

AIMMS SC Navigator helps supply chain teams leverage prescriptive analytics to make the break through. Beyond a point solution, it’s an established platform that includes a growing quantity of next-gen applications from Network Design through S&OP and Inventory Management – all connected, intuitive and accessible. 

It's a different experience right from the start

  • You don't deal with sales people - You have a conversation with knowledgable supply chain experts.
  • We want this to be a good fit  - We focus on your team's challenges and help you find concrete steps to get started. If we can't help, we will tell you up front.
  • We let you see what you're buying - We can show you the type of insights and value you get, using your own data. This reduces your risk.
SC Navigator is designed by people with operational supply chain experience. It provides the sophistication to make breakthrough decisions while shedding the wasteful complexity of traditional solutions. It's everything on your wish list to help you get things done and save time.

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SC Navigator Apps

  • Get answers in hours, not days or weeks: Build new analytical capabilities that help you anticipate and respond to changes as they happen. No more missed opportunities - get answers as trends and issues unfold.
  • Supply chain analytics everyone can use: Our technology offers a unique guided experience that makes it easy to format your data and configure your Apps so you can get started quickly without a data science or technical background.
  • Get everyone on the same page and liberate insights: Now you can get more value from your supply chain data and increase impact. You configure data once and leverage it to tackle a diverse range of strategic, operational and tactical questions.
  • The best value: One platform for all of your questions with unbeatable total cost of ownership. 

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Why Choose AIMMS SC Navigator?

View Our SC Navigator Apps and learn more about how they differ from traditional supply chain applications

Get the best of both worlds: speed of packaged software, flexibility and transparency of custom Apps paired with the intelligence of sophisticated analytics.  

Speed to Solution

Configure an App in a few hours, get it up and running in a few days; and the best part is - you can do it yourself.


Our built-in wizard offers a unique guided experience that makes customizing your App as easy as answering a survey.

Easy to Use

AIMMS SC Navigator can be used by your entire team, you don't need to be a math whiz or technical expert.

Embedded Analytics

Built on AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform with optimization engine and modeling capability honed over 25+ years and used by experts globally.


We offer a glass box approach with access to modeling logic so you can always see what's behind the models.


Break down silos, share data across multiple SC Navigator Apps and make insights available to everyone in your team in the cloud.

View our SC Navigator Apps and learn how you can achieve faster and better results using a single supply chain management platform.