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Why is supply chain software so difficult to use?

People in today’s companies make thousands of decisions every day. Those decisions include the spectrum of strategic, operational and tactical decisions.  They can range from those executed daily, such as inventory or workforce planning decisions to the larger decisions such as supply chain network optimization and S&OP. 

Raising the collective intelligence of your staff and improving decision-support across your organization can add significant value. But relying on making these decisions with fragile spreadsheets or inflexible legacy supply chain software can be very frustrating and time consuming. When speaking to supply chain professionals we constantly hear stories about unresolved issues, disconnected information, missed opportunities waiting for data, scarcity of resources and inadequate or inflexible tools.

We believe that modern, increasingly complex supply chain problems require modern software - Introducing AIMMS SC Navigator

We think that supply chain software can and should be much easier to use. It's not about having bulky software with an endless list of features and functions that you will never use. It's about having agile software that that is intuitive and highly configurable. It's about technology that provides you with the answers you need by leveraging sophisticated analytics that point you to the optimal answer. 

The table below highlights some of the ways that SC Navigator is different from traditional supply chain software. Contact us for a demo and see the difference first hand.



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