Supply Chain Self-enablement

Empowering your team to respond with speed and agility as business conditions change

Take charge of your digital supply chain strategy and its execution

For too long, supply chain teams have had to rely on spreadsheets or external resources to get the insights they need for supply chain decisions. Spreadsheets are familiar and inexpensive, but they are hard to work with. Depending on external resources is no longer viable with market developments evolving at a rapid pace. Often, by the time teams get the crucial information they need, the opportunity has passed, market dynamics have changed or they were forced to put out new fires. It's time to help your team feel confident, enjoy their work more, spend less time fiddling with spreadsheets and clunky tools, and more time on finding breakthroughs. 

Join our movement for supply chain analytics self-enablement

AIMMS powers the new way supply chain teams run their operations and make strategic decisions. We enable you to make the best decision possible by having the insights you need to find the best course of action, even when things change, helping you build the analytics skills you need to feel empowered in the digital age. 


The 3 Pillars of Self-enablement


Recognize that supply chain transformation requires a culture change.


Put a strategy in place to attract new talent. Invest in training and skills transfer to capture knowledge from your most experienced supply chain professionals.


Master supply chain analytics. Invest in cloud-first, lean and easy-to-use software.

Hear from your peers

"Self-enablement allows us to create the models we need to answer any question that arises at any time. It gives us flexibility and control." - Claire Johnson, E2E SC Strategy Development at Marks & Spencer 

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Analyst insights


"Gartner predicts that by 2019, the analytics output of business users with self-service capabilities will surpass that of professional data scientists." Read more