Data Navigator

Get more value from your supply chain data


As a Supply Chain Manager you have urgent questions to answer and want the ability and flexibility to anticipate issues that may come up in the future. Often, it feels like you need to filter through a maze of data and you're not sure which input you'll need. You don't want to spend too much time configuring data sets. You want to focus on the insights they bring.

Data Navigator is an integrated cloud database that brings structure to complexity and enables you to share data across multiple functional areas in AIMMS SC Navigator applications. It's the fuel that powers your configurable AIMMS Apps. 

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Configure Your Data Faster

Configure data once, leverage it to solve a diverse range of questions. Your time is precious. This is a far more efficient approach than existing database structures that create massive amounts of work for a single application. Our Data Wizard walks you through a set of questions that helps you identify the data you will need and helps you prepare it for use in the SC Navigator Apps

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Benefits of Data Navigator

Spend less time on data integration projects, more time improving business results

See past the clutter and focus the data that really matters

Leverage data across multiple Apps