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AIMMS Deployment

AIMMS Deployment is the environment that instantly hosts and publishes the models and optimization applications built with AIMMS Development. It enables business users in your organization to drive optimal decisions and outcomes through attractive Apps.

  • One-step deployment of apps
    without coding interfaces
  • Let business-users interact with data and calculate scenarios
  • The admin controls capacity
    and sets priority rules
  • A single platform for all your decision-making apps
  • High end-user adoption rate
  • Fully managed in the cloud
  • All the IT capacity needed
  • Organizations looking for more uniformity in data driven decision-making
  • Organizations that prefer a low-code, ModelOps approach


One-step deployment

You are liberated from coding your own interfaces, coding deployment setups etc., AIMMS Deployment connects it all for you in one step. Instantly let business users experience the power of optimized decisions and outcomes.


Test, learn & adapt

AIMMS Deployment allows you to manage users, publish apps, set user restrictions (or permissions), and share prototypes and pre-releases in a controlled way.


AIMMS Deployment is built to scale up seamlessly when usage increases. In our managed cloud, we take care of all the resource needs so you can focus on making the Apps successful.


In our deployment on the cloud we offer the ability to add and connect databases to on-premise resources to integrate with your enterprise environment.

Multi-user support

With our Collaborative Data Management component you can create interactive multi-user applications, and based on roles and authorizations you can adjust the UI.

As a Service

AIMMS Apps can be called as a service by other applications through our API, and Apps running on the cloud can also call other services such as GEO data, Python, R etc. using our generic data exchange setup.

Designed with security in mind

AIMMS has ISO 27001 certification and a continuous intrusion detection and automatic vulnerability scanning system. Our security specialists perform a periodic penetration test of our Cloud Platform.

AIMMS Information Security: What & How

Build your own optimization Apps with our low-code platform