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Build custom solutions powered by an advanced analytics engine to tackle your specific strategic questions or day to day operational needs.

Our flexible toolkit enables you to quickly prototype, build and refine custom applications, while the deployment capability enables you to instantly provide solutions to business end users in need of better decision power with prescribed actions.  

Our customers have built hundreds of custom solutions to reduce costs, avoid unnecessary expenses and improve decision making across their organizations. Examples include:

Warehouse Slotting

Peapod reduces time-consuming manual calculations and out of stock occurrences  by rolling out a new warehouse slotting tool.  

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Peapod drives supply chain innovation and efficiency with AIMMS

Advanced Production Scheduling

JBS has holistic transparency of daily production across 50+ plants for 2000+ SKUs with constraint evaluation of source material pricing, demand volume and prices, capacity and transport options.

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JBS optimizes profit with AIMMS-based S&OP

Strategic Business Planning

Shell minimizes logistics costs and optimizes its asset structure with its Global Manufacturing and Logistics Optimization System.

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Shell Unlocks the Benefits of Supply Chain Optimization with AIMMS

Long Range Capacity Planning For New Products

A large pharmaceutical company with a broad portfolio of products conducts long range manufacturing capacity evaluation and planning for new product introductions.

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Leading Global Pharmaceutical Company Uses AIMMS to Plan New Product Introductions

Rail/Barge Utilization and Maintenance Planning

BP Optimizes its scheduling and maintenance  for its rail and barge fleets resulting in cost reduction and increased utilization.

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How AIMMS is used in the BP Petrochemical businesses and how it has been adopted by more and more end-users across the business.

Tactical Sourcing & Blending

Sourcing and blending natural ingredients results in several supply chain challenges. ORTEC uses AIMMS technology to build tailored blending solutions which offer cost-effective decision support.

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Watch this demo to discover how advanced decision support helps overcome sourcing and blending challenges.

Blending demo - ORTEC

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We are pleased to have incredible partners ready to support you on your specific needs. Our partners have a proven track record in customer success, with technical mastery in AIMMS.


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Our Community Edition gives you instant access to start building models and applications for non-commercial purposes. It’s the quick way to get to know AIMMS, at no cost.