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AIMMS, listed as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner® Market Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Tools. Download the guide!

Industry: Retail

Replenishment & Inventory Planning

Maximize order fulfillment and lower costs with AIMMS-based optimization. Our customers have reduced stock-outs by 20% or more.

retail workforce scheduling

Workforce Scheduling

Create workforce schedules that improve productivity and respect employee preferences. Boost customer happiness and meet service requirements with ease.

planning team

Sales & Operations Execution

S&OE is a process that provides detailed instructions to achieve the strategic plan laid out in S&OP. Advanced optimization capabilities can help you take your collective planning exercise to the next level.

Warehouse Optimization

Improve productivity and efficiency. Increase warehouse capacity by 15% or more with mathematical optimization.

Merchandise & Promotions Planning

Optimize your merchandising and promotions planning decisions to drive sales and lower costs.

Implementing Sustainability with Effective Supply Chain Network Design

Learn how to optimize for carbon emissions and other sustainability objectives using scenario modeling.