Empower Your Planners with Production Schedule Optimization

With products becoming more intricate and supply chains more extended, production scheduling is often highly complex and requires advanced decision support tools. Complexities may stem from areas as diverse as:

  • Setup times that depend on the specific order in which products are produced
  • Strongly varying production routes over different work isles
  • Strongly regulated (e.g. Pharmaceutical) process demands
  • Mixed production setups, e.g. comprising
  • Blending and sequencing
  • Produce to order and produce to stock
  • Production that needs to be optimized in conjunction with sourcing and/or distribution

AIMMS manages complex production with multi-dimensional data modeling tools that can quickly and effectively produce scheduling solutions that your existing planners can implement.


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Customer Spotlight

Find out how Nampak uses AIMMS for Production Plannning and Scheduling.