Inform your large Capital Improvement decisions with Project Portfolio & Investment Optimization

For companies with large capital projects, real estate, IT or research and development investment decisions, project portfolio optimization provides essential insights to improve critical decision making for these large scale investments. Looking at your portfolio of projects holistically and evaluating the potential costs, benefits and risk/return of the projects you are considering or have underway provides the following advantages:

  • Provides a systematic way of analyzing and defending capital budgeting and project selection decisions and increases transparency
  • Improves capital efficiency
  • Takes resource and budgeting constraints and timing into account
  • Optimizes your overall expected return on investment

AIMMS can be used to develop a model that incorporates risk, expected rate of return, and desired portfolio diversification to help inform:

  • What to invest in
  • When to invest
  • Optimal investment allocation
  • Understand the impact of various investment strategies