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See how unique business problems are solved with AIMMS in your industry

Mathematical optimization in action

logistics optimization

Logistics Optimization

Optimize inbound and outbound logistics with tailored optimization models. Improve service levels and lower costs by 2% or more.

idle freight optimization

Idle Freight Optimization

Build custom optimization models to improve vehicle fill rates. Reduce costs, empty miles and CO2 emissions.

Replenishment & Inventory Planning

Maximize order fulfillment and boost warehouse capacity with AIMMS-based optimization. Our customers have increased productivity in the warehouse by up to 10%.

Supply Chain Network Design

Build a custom app to design and optimize your supply chain network. Make confident investment decisions.

Portfolio Planning & Optimization

Plan product introductions with confidence, establish capacity requirements and understand different demand scenarios to drive profitability.

Material Blending

Optimize raw material blends to improve capacity and asset utilization. Increase margins with advanced decision support.

Maintenance Planning

Ensure equipment utilization and boost operational capacity. Build AIMMS-based applications to optimize maintenance schedules.

Transportation Planning & Optimization

Maximize fleet utilization and improve planning efficiency with more advanced scheduling capabilities.

Energy Market Modeling

Improve the reliability and efficiency of power plants and transmission assets. Deliver billions in value.